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An artist's scrapbook of inspiration and happenstance.

As an alumna of Blogger from the mid noughties I've been missing the writing and the community I couldn't naturally capture on Instagram or via a Mailchimp newsletter. Being an unapologetic introvert, subscribers scared me, but this feels like the right place. I do love comments and interaction, so feel free to add your two-pennies’ worth, or just lurk and nod sagely.

Going against all advice I don't publish regularly - I don't need another streak to break.

When I do write it'll be about things that inspire my creative practice, from art exhibitions to a word, a colour, a photograph, when I have a new collection or just when I notice something, like I did today. I might even send a poem now and then or I might mention Columbo.

I’m generally not a fan of interruptions at all, like my friend Reynolds here. But if you're an artist of any kind, or interested in the life of an artist/woman/mother, you might enjoy it occasionally.

About me

I'm an artist and illustrator from London, designing cards and prints which I sell, license and wholesale to lovely shops all over the world from small indies to high street shops.

My love of ceramics means I draw a lot of them, their curvy shapes and myriad of handles. When I’m making a new print I feel like an interior stylist in a way, arranging shapes and objects. It gives me a lot of joy.

​I also create abstract collages on paper, playing with composition, butting shapes up to one another until I feel the perfect aesthetic resolution. My mixed media paintings take this further, adding more interest. I like to build layers with paint, crayon and scribbles, then add papers as glazes to create bigger shapes. The juxtaposition of delicacy and strength interests me. 

You can find my website here and my Instagram here.

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An artist's scrapbook of inspiration and happenstance.


An artist and illustrator from London.